Love in the Time of Corona

Corona, also known as COVID-19, has laid waste to the entire world population, restricting movement all over. While some countries recover from it, trying to gather some semblance of its previous life, the majority of the countries are completely shut down. This means lakhs of single men and women, apart, trying to find love or […]


The slamming of the door jostled her awake from her unconscious state. This time the pain was intense. The throbbing just wouldn’t stop. He must have left by now, she thought. She struggled to pull herself off from the bed, her body refusing to budge. The mattress of the bed gave her comfort which even […]

Our Souls at Night

Our souls are empty at night Longing for a familiar touch A familial memory To fill up the restless mind. I have seen people pass by Looking for a familiar look For a touch of love would save them Rescue them from the flash of death. The bright lights blind her, washing away her senses […]

The Last Goodbye

A song fills my heart A song of truth While the nascent moon creeps out from behind Trying to peek into my mind Trying to understand my thoughts, my emotions But how can it when I feel a multitude of emotions From the memories left behind. I turn into a familiar lane, A lane of […]

Who will cry when you die?

Who will cry when you die? Will they bid you goodbye? Or mourn the loss left behind? Or will they simply laud your achievements when you die?   What good is crying when you are dead? When you can’t celebrate the person alive instead. Criticism and rebukes are what you pile upon them, What good […]